Welcome to Tau-Chain

By Intelligent Decentralized Networks Initiatives (IDNI)

Quick Links

Main Website: idni.org
Mirror of the main website accessible from China www.idni.io
YouTube Channel
Github Repository
"About Tau-Chain" Paper
Official Bitcointalk thread
Let's talk Bitcoin (recommended as first intro for bitcoiners)
Project Roadmap (recent summary)
Tau-Chain Primer (includes comparison to other players, some words about decidability, and use-case examples)
Code and Money: Which Comes First?
Decentralized Democracy and the Role of the First Users
Proof of Code Execution
Tau as a Generalized Blockchain
CoinTelegraph Article
Pre-Sale General Information
Agoras Tokens (AGRS) Bittrex

Chinese Translation of the About Tau-Chain Paper
8BTC Article about Tau-Chain in Chinese

Contact: ohad@idni.org